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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Not sad to see TPT go.

The lost son was a trained xxxxxx

According to the poll in this blog the crew, whom TPT the current svp is in charge of does not feel sad to see him leave by year end.  67% polled said they are happy to see him leave cc while only 6% will surely miss him. Why is it so? Perhaps because of his cost cutting measure,that's why I was told. Personally,TPT is a gentleman but as a svpcc , he has done a bad job.
But then who cares huh TPT? So long as your chairman,board directors and ceo think you are doing a good job you dun have to F*** care what others think about you rite?

Look at the union leaders in SQ and CC who championed the staff  and crew welfare and now where have they gone to? Some kicked the bucket with only a few grateful members attending their funeral wake while others spent time in the bars getting drunk . Yet there is one at either MBS or RWS playing roulette regularly....of course sure lose one,maybe by now pok kai oredi.

TPT, I heard is going to Marketing and for those 6% of crew who would missed him dearly,you may purchare your fishes,meat and veggies over there. I am sure TPT will give you a huge discount...hahaha.


Anonymous said...

very bad hor

Anonymous said...

TPT is very bad??