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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mind, how I love my previous employer Singapore Airlines

Mind you I have worked 35 years and yet I do not complained that I was sick of my job. SIA paid for my children's school fees, our daily household expenses, our holidays every year with the free tickets, our cars, our house,SIA shares option etc etc. Granted, without SIA my family and I could also have survived but what standard of living we would be in? Perhaps we would live in a 4 roomed HDB flat and going to work by buses or MRT trains or both. My wife would have to work too so we could pay our HDB mortgage. Our children would not have gone to the universities because we couldn't afford them. Therefore we are grateful to SIA. Even now, I have not burned the bridge behind me. To be honest, I think SIA is a damn good employer.
When I was with SIA they paid me reasonably well, let me be a member of the sports club for meager fee of $8 a month, at a certain year paid me 6 months bonus, gave me share options, free tickets for me and my wife for life and flew first class etc etc.
On top of the above, I did my own roster,flying to wherever the airline flies to, staying in 5 stars hotels, paid handsome food allowance, generous inflight incentive allowance,rest in the first class,ate first class meals and what have you.
Who cares whether the flights were full because I did not have to serve the passengers.
So you see I have many reasons to, in fact love SIA.
A lot of my colleagues past and present love to bad mouth the company. They are envious of the graduates CCEs who have better job prospects than them. Of course,in front of the bosses they praised the company but behind their backs they whined and cursed it!
As for me I loved my job.
I loved SIA,
I loved it when it's a full load because I was assured of at least 6 month bonus,
I loved it when I see my crew sweat it out on the flights so I could justify my presence on the flights,
I loved to hate my managers,
I loved to kick a few of my svps in their asses.....hahaha....
So you see it's good to love,love,love!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya man the airline did a good job by getting rid of all the dead woods ! The show still goes on...if not better !

Anonymous said...

There are some more deadwoods in the office

CCE (C/T) said...

Anonymous said...
Ya man the airline did a good job by getting rid of all the dead woods ! The show still goes on...if not better !

Hoo haha you fellas used to lick our asses when we were your wardleaders but now call us deadwoods.Remember retribution is coming your or your family way.

Anonymous said...

Correct !!! Retributions WILL definitely befall on those who abused their position by going around having extra-maritial affairs with those young naive and ignorant stewardess !! U hit the jackpot man !

Former CCE said...

We all know who are the guilty ones.No need to be defensive.Heaven also knows.

Anonymous said...

Wif ref to CCE(C/T) comment....
Sound more like "Sour grapes" favourite vocabulary! You cant hide by changing your nick. Arrogant as ever. Your karma will nsoon get you and your whole family. You knew what you had done before and now!!!


Anonymous said...

To CCE (C/T)

It was good whilst it lasted. Every good thing must come to an end ! The above comment is very true ! Take a good look at yourself b4 U talk about Karma !
U r playing with a Boomerang ?

boh tong said...

Will ya stop talking about "Karma". This is airlines story blog...hehehe