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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Passenger complained not getting his ST on SQ flights.

We will be in contact with SIA to see how we can resolve such an issue once and for all. We are already considering setting up printing presses in all SIA’s destinations worldwide, so that Singaporeans visiting these countries can keep up with the only true news and remain free from corrupt and undesirable influences from other foreign newspapers that are ranked higher than us.
Finally, we are sorry you couldn’t get a copy of the ST. As a token of our heartfelt gratitude, we are pleased to enclose you complimentary tickets to North Korea, Cuba or Myanmar where you can read top newspapers that are published there and experience the same reading satisfaction that you get from reading ST. En route to these places, do present this email so as to guarantee yourself a copy of the ST on the flight. We all know that one reading of the ST per day, keeps the real world away. Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries. You will be pleased to note that all positive flattering correspondences to the ST are guaranteed publication.
Yours truthfully,
The Straits Times: building the nation as always.
P.S: we love your name. LAWrence LAW. L.L. for short. Lan lan?

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