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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Power Of Plastic

This story is taken from my book and it's one of the 58 stories published in "Fasten Your Seat Belts". It's for free la and if my publisher does not mind (shhh...dun tell him or his staff ok...aiya they dun read my blog anyway) I will "secretly" post more of the stories ( I am usually quite generous).

"Credit cards can be a curse when put into the wrong hands.And quite a number of cabin crew members have gotten embroiled in financial and criminal trouble by abusing the power of plastic.

Here is one such story.

Upon touching down in Copenhagen from Singapore,two stewards,Steven and Troy,checked into their hotel and changed into their civilian clothes. They then took a stroll down to a nearby Rolex watch shop.
It wasn't unusual for cabin crew members to purchase luxury goods on their trips to European cities as they could get their hands on a wider range of the latest designs at more attractive prices than they would get in Singapore. This was and still remains one of the perks of working as a member of the cabin crew.
After making their selection, Steven picked the Rolex Datejust Special Edition with yellow gold and diamonds and Troy picked out the Rolex Perpetual in steel...they flashed their gold credit card to pay for their purchase.
This would have been a perfect scenario but the truth was the credit card did not belong to Steven or Troy. They had stolen it from a passenger on the flight.
Steven and Troy celebrated their purchase by dining at a Chinese restaurant afterwards. After dinner,Steven and Troy decided to try their hand at purchasing another two Rolex watches using the same credit card. However,this time,luck was not on their side. The owner of the credit card had discovered his loss and made a police report. Steven and Troy were detained by the staff at the store before the police came and took them away.
The two stewards were sentenced to two years in a Danish jail. Apparently,these two daring crew had already stolen at least a dozen credit cards before this,using them to finance their expensive lifestyles".

BT: Do you wanna hear what happened after the 2 stewards been released from prison?


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what happened to them?

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Ya, what happened?

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