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Monday, November 15, 2010

Shit scared!

We had a few days layover in Paris. This was in the 1980s. One fine day during summer the crew was getting ready to leave the hotel for the flight back to S'pore when we noticed one of our stewards (Jim) was not with us. He went missing.The other stewards went to his hotel room and found his things thrown all over. The stewards reported to the supervisor and after 10 minutes of waiting,we decided to leave for the airport without Jim.
As the driver started the engine of the coach we noticed Jim running towards us. He was shocked to find that the crew was going to leave without him. Jim panicked and asked the other stewards to help him pack his things. After another 15 minutes of waiting,we finally left for the airport with Jim on board.
Jim apologised to everyone in the bus for being late. He explained that he thought the flight was departing the next day and was out shopping. We can see he was perspiring all over and looked pale.
Upon arrival at the airport, Jim asked the supervisor for permission to change his pants.
Reason: Jim shit in his pants because of the shock seeing his crew leaving without him.


Unknown said...

"Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Anonymous said...

Conversely to your story, there were case where the crew got dressed, processed his check-out and waited at the lobby the day before his actual departure. The crew only realised there was some thing amiss when he saw a few of his crew returned to the hotel from shopping. This happened in New York where nearly all the crew suffer the effects of jet lag and get their day and time topsy-turvy.

Anonymous said...

No lah! Only the irresposible one who always read the roster wrongly.Missing flt, reporting late etc..Bodoh!