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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hong Kong woman played Chew the technical crew out

Indeed Chew left his wife and went for Betty. Chew intended to bring Betty to Singapore and live with him. Betty was a very happy woman to be loved by Chew.
On his flights with long night stops,Chew would buy tickets and invited Betty to come along with him. They flew and stopped in LAX,SFO,AMS,LON and many other places.
Chew and Betty was romantically in love.
After getting divorce from his wife,Chew proposed to Betty and she accepted it.
On the day when Betty and Chew were to meet at the Registry of Marriage, Betty didn't turn up. It was discovered that she had flew back to Hong Kong.

You guess why did Betty fly back to Hong Kong instead of getting married to Chew?
Answer: She wasn't the marrying kind. She merely wanna be free and have fun with men. Agreed she was in love with Chew and she spent many sleepless nights thinking whether she should be tied down with Chew. Finally she took the courage to run away from Chew. She did appreciate Chew's decision to leave his wife but still she didn't wanna belong to one man because she wanna have fun with as many men as possible. Betty was actually a nymphomaniac.
Back in HK she had as many as 5 lovers at any one time.

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