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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cost cutting is for real.

Cutting cost is a reality
Cabin crew they don't pity

Plan was to rid the CCE
Who behaved like almighty

In came Gen lau ah Bey
Screw the CCE in his way

First he told Kay Poh Sim
To CCE "u must be mean"

Kick them hard kick them smart
Kay Poh Sim was to lick Bey's butt

Kay Poh Sim didn't toe the line
Ah Bey said "it's ok, it's fine"

He summoned the army to his side
Ah Sim fled to Adelaide and hide

In the end those two fell out
CCE clap and laugh out loud.....hahaha


Cheng Ho's batchboy said...

Merry X'Mas SS.......

SS said...

Merry and Many good X'mases to come for u Cheng Ho's batchboy.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir, is 29 years old coming to 30 years old too old to be trying for a CC?

boh tong said...

Still not too old to apply Margaret.

Unknown said...

Thank you sir for your prompt advice! Happy & Blessed New Year!