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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crew si peh chia lat liao.

Bo union si bo cheng hu
The ones who suffer is cabin crew

Even the voucher they took back
To the bosses what the heck

After Auckland you do Bombay
Soon have to refund the LMA

Tony Sim leader of choice
Till today still have no voice

Those who voted for Tony's party
Are now all very unhappy

Why not voted for Heart party?
Is it because they are like PAP?

Once elected they all go on flight
No one to look after crew's plight

They all call Alan for assistance
But he is no longer their president

The reality today is Alan cannot help
Cos he has lost his pants and his belt

Leaving soon will be ah Seng
It's time for all to yam-Seng

New CEO will be young ah Phong
The favorite games will be ping pong

Good bye Seng welcome Pong
Cabin crew balik kampong


Anonymous said...

BT, i feel the melancholy in your poems. I guess a true poet has to feel deeply for something or someone to be able to pen how he feels.

boh tong said...

Ya lor I pity our lost sheep without their shepherd.

Anonymous said...

well crew I saw it coming when Allan lost the election.And you know why because of dirty tactics by the other party.Also Allan doesn't brakes what he does for all crew.ITs not too late to voice out your discontentment to the new kid on the block(Tony Sim).Hearthat half the time he is on flight I hope not evading the crews predickments.That what you get for inexperience unionist with no commitement. Rdgs

Anonymous said...

God bless CC...... thank God I left yrs ago.