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Monday, December 27, 2010

Was the law fair to him?

Bob, a passenger, told the stewardess (Sue) he wanted to use the toilet urgently. She was carrying out her meal service on a large cart,parked along the tiny aisle. She told him she would reverse the cart and let him pass once she was done with one of her passengers. "It won't take more than a minute" Sue told Bob.
Sue stooped down to bring out a meal tray for a passenger  and that was when Bob squeezed through the tight space between the seat and the cart. In so doing, Sue who was squatting down at that time alleged that she felt "something " hard protruding from Bob's pants rubbing against her soft face. Sue accused Bob of outraging her modesty and complained to the Captain and her in flight manager about the incidence.
As soon as the plane touched down at the airport and the doors were opened, the security officers arrested Bob. A police report was filed by Sue.
Now Bob did not take the whole episode lying down. He took up a lawsuit against the airline for causing him much embarrassment and tarnishing his good reputation.
After a few months of ding dong battle between the court, the prosecutors and the defense counsels, Bob lost the case. It was established that a woman and more so a stewardess would not wanna make a bad name for herself by highlighting the case publicly if it wasn't untrue. The judge said that the stewardess has more to lose.
The above happened to a foreign airline some years ago.


Anonymous said...

Usually for such cases, the guy usually loses as the court will give the gal the benefit of doubt.
In this case, i pity the guy if he was innocent.
But he should know better than to squeeze through the narrow aisle.

Kay Poh said...

There is a similar case coming up with SIA. Just look out for it in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, why so many chee koh pear?

Anonymous said...

There would be no such problem if you have a small dick because she will not feel it. Hehehe.