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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ex IFS Alan this report true?

david blain has left a new comment on your post "Re: Alan Khoo can someone pls help?":

I finaly found Alan Khoo . For all of you who had known Alan .
He passed on december 26th ( which year David?) in New Zealand . Bon Voyage Alan Khoo !
He was a wonderful Man and I will miss him very much .

Although I havent seen or heard from Alan in many Years i often wondered where he was and what had become of him .Christine and I have been on a mission for 3 years looking for him.

We never had any success I Give up in th end . I wish Id have looked harder .

There is a message her for all of us .Never give up.

I have always loved Alan since we first met in London .He was so much fun so Kind and thoghtful . I would meet him at all the destinations Singapore Airlines had flights to in Europe
For 5 days at a time . they where Fantastic times lots of stories .
I couldnt reveal half of them.

Some good friend shared these experiences with us Ron Leong Michael Chang . Josephine Chang .And Many more people Nancy was another good Friend of his .
If any of you read this or is passed on to you I would love to hear from you so we can share some good times we had with Alam Khoo .
I willl pray for Alan every night

Sleep well Mr Hugi Bear in Heaven .

I have beeb aske if i kow any of his Family i Singapore so they can be contacted .
My em is

God Bless


Anonymous said...

true la we have heard of it that he died but dono when & where that's all.

Anonymous said...

Paramjeet Singh or PJ should know.

Unknown said...

Retired in 2005,CS Foo Kwee Phin Passed on the 1 January 2011, age 60years.
Time passes swiftly indeed.
Life is unpredictable and fragile.
Treasure your family and friends.
Forgive and love always.
Wishing all flying crew an Awesome 2011.
Take good care always.
Chua S Ngang

Christine Whyte said...
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Christine Whyte said...

Sadly all of this re Alan Khoo (Kim Heng) are true. For reasons unknown he took his own life in Lower Hutt, New Zealand on the 26th Dec 2010.
Alan had turned 60 on the 3rd Dec 2010. He had suffered chronic back pain after a badminton accident several years ago and also had a house with what is called in NZ "Leaky House Syndrome" (Google it - it is very serious indeed). We will never really know what pushed him over the edge but the NZ police do say there was nothing anyone could have done to stop him. He was very determined.
We will all miss him terribly and we will spend endless hours trying to work "Why" & "What If". Tragedy like this should not happen.
We hope that Alan is now in a better, happier and pain free place.

cameron Nathanson said...

I was gutted to read about Alan in the paper, I had no idea of his wish to leave this
life and am sad that I didn't get the chance to say good bye before his departure or at a funeral, I often spoke to Alan about his leaking problems but had no idea how affected he was by this problem and his health.
They say suicide is man's way of telling god, "you can't fire me-I quit", Alan did speak
of leaving on his terms when he was ready, most of us just had no idea he was in so much pain and it would be so soon, with so much to live for I am struggling to make sense of it.

I hope he has found peace and realises how many people cared about him and how much he will be missed

"Suicide doesn't end the pain, it simply passes it on to those you love"

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Ronny said...
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E. Sirbac said...

Boh Tong, could you please come back to me about Alan's death ? I would like to get in contact with you in private. Here is my public email : and I will get back to you with my private one. Thanks. eric