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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hong Kong woman was too much for Eric the steward.

Betty was a little too much. She was demanding in bed as well as in other things. Each time Eric was in HK it was expected of him to call her. There were times when Eric didn't call her when he was in HK,she would be furious with him.
Eric met Betty on a flight from S'pore to HK 2 years before. They took a liking to each other. It had been many times Eric went to bed with Betty but now to be with a woman like Betty could be hell, Eric thought to himself and decided to leave her.
Guess what? She checked with Hyatt Hotel everyday whether Eric was staying there. One day, she was given a room number of a technical crew who had a similiar family name as Eric. Thinking it was Eric's room,she knocked at his door and Chew (name of that tech crew)opened it. Straightaway, their eyes met and they clicked right away. Chew invited Betty into his room.

Chew was lustfully eyeing Betty from head to her breast down to her pussy and toes. Chew was a married man but his wife was frigid and could not service him. He was a hungry wolf waiting to devour any woman who would give him a chance. And so here was Betty another hot lustful bitch.
Before they even got to know each other more than a lil, there were already hugging and kissing each other in Chew's springy bed.
Stripped down to nutting,Chew began to fondle Betty's voluptuous breasts and at the same time fingering her xxxxx . The next thing they knew they were groaning and screwing like hell. Chew couldn't take it any longer and he shot out with a loud satisfying scream. Betty was half satisfied and wanting more. Chew couldn't obliged because he had gave all to Betty. However, Betty coaxed and cajoled Chew,in between blowing his lil dicky and made it stand again. They had another round of hot sex.
It was about a month later that Eric found out about Chew and Betty. At one of the drinking sessions in Bahrain where they were night stopping,Chew boasted about his affair with Betty. He related to the crew about the story of how a lustful Hong Kong woman knocked at his hotel door and how easy it was for him to lure her into having sex. Chew after a few glasses of brandy dry talked more about how he made love to Betty. He told the crew he was considering leaving his wife for Betty. He was in his words "crazily in love with Betty". Eric merely listened and told himself "Chew didn't know what he was into"
to be continued...........

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Anonymous said...

Wah BT, i didn't know got this type of woman in this world. So interesting, can't wait to find out what is Chew in for.