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Sunday, December 5, 2010

If you want my frank view........

The cabin crew hates passengers who:

  • tell them the airline ceo or chairman or some hotshot is their good friend. Silently in their minds they would be saying "F..u la who the hell cares whom you know". Of course,the crew would be saying something like this to the passengers "Oh? that's great to know that you are our chairman's friend".
  • said this to them .."do you know who I am?...I am your PPS or Solitaire passenger and I want an upgrading". The crew would be saying silently to the passenger " You are a PPS/Solitaire because of your company,on your own you will be flying cattle/economy class......btw you are a cheapoh". But openly the crew will probably saying this to the pax : " wow you must be a very regular passenger....thank you for your strong support Mr so and so.....however, it's our company's policy not to sorry sir, I wish I could upgrade you".
  • said this " how come your beer is not cold huh?"  Crew would feel like telling the pax " it's not cold because we didn't chill it you stupid ass!". To the pax the crew would say this.." Our apology sir...I will get you a cold beer right away".
  • "can you get some toys,colouring books and playing cards for my little daughter?" ...crew would feel like saying this to the pax...." you want the stuff say so la,don't drag your daughter into it...wah little gal knows how to play card meh?"
  • or tell the crew.."lately your service is going down" to which the crew would feel like telling you.."you jerk! it's not just's been going down for the last 20 years or so".
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Anonymous said...

i hate when pax tells me my stewardesses are ugly looking. feel like telling him to look at his face in the mirror first!

Anonymous said...

our gals are pretty leh