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Sunday, December 26, 2010

On the death bed of the most generous passenger .

It was not long after the passing of Mr. Yap that I met 'D' his grown up daughter in the first class section on a flight from London to Singapore.

I was dismayed to hear the stories she related to me regarding some of our crew.

At the bedside of her very sick father, a few crew had the audacity to asked for money,citing financial difficulties as the main reason. Here this man was dying of cancer and here were crew who solicited for money.

Sure many of the other grateful crew were there to visit Mr. Yap but amongst them were wolves waiting to pounce on the opportunity to asked for money.

'D' told me she was filled with disgust with those crew who took advantage of her kind father.

When mom wanted to tell the covetous crew off,Mr. Yap stopped her and asked her to sign cheques for them.

Mrs. Yap and the rest of the family members were disappointed with those opportunistic crew.

'D' also told me how her dad's expensive and sentimental watch was stolen by the crew during one of the nights when he entertained the crew at his hotel suites.

Mr. Yap appealed to those who took his watch to return it to him and was willing to pay whatever was asked. It was a specially designed watch from Switzerland ordered by his wife as a gift to him. It had great sentimental value. However, his appeal fell on deaf ears.

Just to recap,Mr. Yap had over the years spent thousands of dollars buying crew expensive meals,gifts and gave cash to many of them to furnish their apartments,settle debts etc. in return for their friendship.

The late Mr. Yap on many ocassions related stories of his financial hardship and how he had to work long hours as a little boy help his family. Now that he was a wealthy man,he told the crew he could empathized with them.That was also the reason for him to be overly generous to the crew.

When 'D' finished relating her stories to me,she broke down and cried.

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