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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the other hand.......

My previous post on " Dun be so proud la" drew a few comments which were encouraging to me. I supposed you will meet all kinds of people in this world and just have to tolerate them.
On the other hand, I have met very nice people including ex cabin crew. A good example is an ex stewardess who is very gracious and kind. She had benefited from her training and short stint with cabin crew.
Let's say her name is Molly. I met her and it was her who could recognised me as her ex colleague. She was the one who came up to me one day and said "You must be Mr. Tan from SIA cabin crew". I replied "Yes you must be our stewardess but I am very sorry I can't remember your name" "Oh I am Molly and we flew together once,remember?" she shot back.
We renewed our so called friendship and till today we are very good friends.
Molly is a wealthy and successful lady and to be honest I am a nobody to her and her family. In some cases and in similar situations people as successful as Molly would ignore or pretend not to know her ex colleagues. But not Molly.
Molly has a splendid looking house and besides frequently inviting me and my wife for dinner,she also let us used her house to host our friends.
Recently she bought my book for herself and her daughter. She won't even loan the book to her son and insisted he buys one for himself. In this way,she told the family she is supporting and endorsing my book.
At their request,I graciously autographed the books for them.
Oh, this world will be a better place if we have more of people like Molly......dun you agree?

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