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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Passenger sued airline over broken glasses in food

Mr E was a regular with this airline. On one flight he pressed the service call button and told the crew he had swallowed a fragmented piece of broken glass which he claimed was in the food. He showed the other small pieces which was in the food to the crew. The crew tried all they could to ease his pain which he claimed was the result from the glass swallowing.
An ambulance was summoned at the airport on arrival. Mr E who was in "pain" was rushed to the emergency ward. He was checked by a doctor and went through a series of  x-rays.
A few days later, Mr E armed with the medical report from the hospital reported the matter to the authority. He took up a lawsuit against the airline.
Not wanting bad publicity,the airlines decided to award Mr E a compensation. Mr E refused because he felt the compensation wasn't enough.
The airline was sued subsequently and Mr E won. He was award a huge sum of money plus cost. However, the airline appealed against the decision.
The airline was not convinced Mr E had swallowed the piece of glass from the airline food and hired a private investigator to find out the truth.
After much hard work on the part of the PI, it was discovered Mr E had actually "doctored" the medical report in his favour. The matter was reported to the police and Mr E was subsequently arrested and charged. He was fined heavily and sentenced to jail.
The above is a lesson not to mess around with an airline that has deep pocket.


Anonymous said...

E deserved it

Anonymous said...

That guy was an engineer and case was in HK.