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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A passenger's complaint.

"I would like to bring up an encounter with one of your flight crew that happened to me on a flight from Narita to Singapore on xxxx December 2010.

"I was on board flight xxxx departing Narita for Singapore and was seated in economy class seat xx. This being a AAA flight, my seat was in the cabin directly behind the Business class section with a galley between the two cabins.

"After take-off, the crew started to serve drinks to the passengers. I suddenly developed a stomach ache and had to use the toilets. I stood up and saw that the toilets behind me were being used and there were other passengers waiting in line for them. I was also blocked by the drinks cart which was between me and the toilets.

"At this point of time, I had no choice but to try and use the Business class toilet. I went forward and saw one of the toilets was empty, and went to use it.

"Before entering the toilet, I saw two crew members near the toilet who did not stop me going in. After I had finished, I exited the toilet and started walking back to my seat.

" I heard a sound behind me, and when I turned around, I saw a senior crew member whom I recognised to be the In-flight Manager behind me and he in not too many words began to "scold" me by saying"These toilets are not for your use, they are solely for our priority passengers, you must use the toilets at the back. Do not use these toilets again".
"I was too stunned for any words, and I stood there and just replied OK. I then turned around and made my way back to my seat. I guess this guy was still not finished with me as he followed me back to my seat and continued to stare at me.

"I would like to admit that I may have made a mistake by using the Business class toilets and I will not make any excuse for using it except that it was an emergency to me.
"What I really expected was for your crew to speak in a better manner and tell me instead of treating me like some child. I may be in economy class but when on business I do travel on business class on certain sectors.

"I cannot give you the name of the crew, as I was too stunned to take down his name, but he was definitely a senior crew because all he did was walk around the cabin not doing anything.

"He had a crew cut and had quite a lot of grey hair. I also want to inform you that whilst he was telling me off, there was also another cabin crew member near him, and I could see from his face that he was quite uncomfortable to see and hear his senior treating a passenger in this manner.

"I am writing this not so much to get things from xxx, but to highlight the 'new' kind of service cabin crew are giving to passengers. I am sure that dealing with the millions of passengers XX  handles this has to be part and parcel of the job, but I as a Singaporean who always flies XX am very shocked by this.

"Kindly assist me by investigating this matter, as I know a simple letter of apology will normally be the case that Companies send and also to say that the person concerned will be counselled. In this day and age all airlines etc are doing the same for customers, but the difference has to be in the customer service both on the ground and in the air. I know this as I have been in the service industry for the last 30 odd years and have just retired.

"I would like to be able to receive a personal apology face to face from the crew concerned, or I may have to take this matter further. Please understand that this is not a threat."

BT: What are your comments please?


Anonymous said...

"I would like to be able to receive a personal apology face to face from the crew concerned, or I may have to take this matter further. Please understand that this is not a threat."

Wa if the above was not a threat what is then??

Anonymous said...

Crew need to be screwed for being damn rude to a pax.

Ang Moh said...

Stinkaporean only knows how to complain, complain,complain!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical Stinkaporeans attitude.

As said he used to travel Business Class......
What has that got to do with it....

Simple if I find an airline which is not up to my satisfaction, just boycott the airline. Rather than threatening to take the matter further.
What is he hoping for??????
Free first class ticket on the

Another cheapo....


Anonymous said...

As you mentioned, "I would like to admit that I may have made a mistake by using the Business class toilets and I will not make any excuse for using it except that it was an emergency to me," then you should have apologised to the Inflight Manager for making the mistake and to explain you predicament. The Manager's job is to look after the interests of the company - one of which is to protect Business Class facilities for Business Class' passengers and to prevent Economy passengers' use.
And now you want him to apologise to you for doing his job. Shame on you.

F/A said...

It is only proper to seek permission from the crew to use the Biz class toilet. You were rude for not asking permission and now demand a face to face apology from the crew. Go to hell you stinking stinkaporean!

ex-crew said...

Am surprised by the attitude of this particular crew. As a SQ ex-crew member, we were never trained to handle such a situation in this manner, let alone to tell a pax off over this type of incident. Guess times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the person that wrote this complaint letter. You said you recognised that there is a cart blocking your way. If I am you I will excuse myself to go through the cart instead of jumping to the last resort by trying to use the business class toilet. I have the dignity and sense that I shall get what I pay for. If I choose to go for Economy seats, then, I will have to expect it might be long que and the toilet might not as convenient as the one in business class. This is what happen to the society nowadays, pay peanuts but trying and hoping to get diamonds!

I am Ricardo Seet said...

Sack the IFS
Bad example shown to other crew
Must have history of bad attitude
Sack teh IFS
Make room for other bo-lan pa to be promoted
Rude behaviour

Just like all these ex cce
just fly for 6 months and got promoted to become AOTC
now talk big..

Remeember the AOTC who ask the crew to give a comb to bald headed monk?... yeah.. right.. nice example

Sack the IFS.. he cost to much anyway to be walking around a big a/c..

Sack him,sack him !!!

Makes the big eye cce KPI look damn good.. hee! hee!.. one more to sack before x'mas.. shiok leh!

X'mas gift for new union too!

Anonymous said...

The passenger got bowel incontinence or what! Why cannot tahan for a while?
At least should ask permission first mah.
The IFS also one kind, people already use the toilet, no need to scold, just tell nicely. His crew should guard the business class toilet then this would not have happened.

Anonymous said...

We all have had a bad sotmach ache before. Some of us also ever shit in our pants coz we could not make it to the toilet in time. Guess the IFS would prefer his crew to wipe the aisle up if the pax shits along the aisle. After all he would not be the one cleaning up the shit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
We all have had a bad sotmach ache before.

Me stupid?? Don tok cock la

Anonymous said...

i think this pax make a big whoohaaa out of it. Cant blame if you're really urgent and needed to use the washroom urgently as economic class toilets are always crowded & have long queues during "peak hours" example. during drink cart service, after meal services & before landing & it's quite frustrating for the crew & and paxs to wait or pass thrus. The IFS should have tell the pax nicely as it's not really a big deal or a matter or life or death. It's too much for the pax to demand a "face to face" apology as well.

Anonymous said...

i blame no one for it ... but as a airline crew v need to show profesionalism and always think pax comes first matter how bad is the situation the do and dont needs to apply in the company ... cabin crew needs to be friendly and humble ...and the tone of the voice needs to be good in order to be a good crew...

Anonymous said...

Lets be reasonable its only usage of the toilet and its natures requirement that the pax needed to use the toilet.There is such thing as one off and I see this as it.Also remember every pax on the flight is our pay check.Being a senior crew could have handle the situation better.Ex Crew

Jack said...

I really do not understand why there are people bashing the Singaporean, and not mentioning anything about the cabin crew. Am I the only one who feels this way? We're assuming the pax is not exaggerating (and agree that his demand for a personal apology is too much), but does a pax travelling in Y deserve to be "stared down in his seat"? What are you views, BT? I certainly hope that the class segregation isn't so jialat in reality. If it's the case, it's really sad.

boh tong said...

Jack the crew in this case should have let the matter go as he had used the toilet. It would be rude of the crew even to show the pax of his displeasure. Having said that the crew also has a difficult task of explaining to the JCl paxs if EYCL paxs are allowed to use the JCL toilets.

Anonymous said...

It's just a toilet..why u need to be rude?..

For me this is the sick mentality of cc..they think if we pay for economy class we are in a low standard..c'mon, wake up..what for paying for high rate but the service you get is like shit!!..

just clean it anyway..IT'S YOUR JOB!!!...If refuse to do such thingy, go and apply for CEO's position...

Anonymous said...

This is a late comment for an old entry but I just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying the stories. I would just like to share my story.

Back in the late 1990s, I was a poor student travelling home from Perth during the summer hols. I was sitting towards the front of economy class and was in the same situation as the above passenger. I was desparate for the toilet and pulled open the curtains and there was a male cabin crew there. He looked older and I would assume a senior member of the crew. I smiled at him and explained my situation. He glanced behind me and saw that the stewardess were busy serving other passengers their food and he smiled at me and allowed me to use the toilet. I was very grateful and thanked him. After I was done, I thanked him again. When exiting the plane, I smiled and thanked him again.

I was a young girl and didn't know how else to express my gratitude to this gentleman, but I am sure my sincerity was clear and he was very nice and smiled warmly at me. Given today, I would have known to get his name and wrote a complimentary letter to the airline.

Another student year, I was again flying back to SIN on SQ. There was this malay young man cabin crew and he was very nice to me, he went beyond the usual economy "get the job done" (I understand in economy there's many passengers and the crew are very busy so i'm ok with that), but this guy was really very kind, I assumed then to the young girl who was travelling alone. (He was just being very service oriented and making my flight comfortable, not like be nice to pretty young girl or anything like that ok... For those people who have unkind thoughts.) I asked him for a postcard and wrote him a thank you note and handed it to him later. He was surprised and looked happy and I felt happy too.

Now I'm much older and relatively successful in my career, and fly business and first class at times with different international airlines.... Like being offered PJs for red eye flights etc etc. you know the drill. but these two are the cabin crew from SQ from yesteryears were the ones that I remembered, who was kind to a poor student when I was a student and a nobody in economy class.

What I wanted to say is, BT, cabin crew from your time are different... And unlike those of today, even when I'm flying business/first class. It's indeed SQ's loss to let you guys go. Bottomline is one thing, management should understand that saving money is one thing, providing service that people remember and will go back to is one thing. After the two incidences above, I always flew SQ for the longest time. But these days... Whichever airline has convenient routes or times, I go with. No diff anyway.

That said... Would you be kind enough to allow me access to your new blog? Your stories are strangely addictive! I have read your book too since I discovered this blog a week ago. Will you write another one?

Boh Tong said...

Thank you for your lovely comment (Anonymous just above this). I need your email address to register for access to my private blog (preferably a G mail).
May I also have your permission to publish your comment in my blog please? Your comment is too good to be overlooked and the younger crew of today should take note of it.
No,I won't be publishing another book because I am rather busy attending to my new found business. In fact,besides you and a few other people have asked me to publish another book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much BT. Please let me know which email address I should email you at so you get my email for access to your blog. I am still reading your archives haha! I really love your stories!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and definitely pls feel free to publish my comment. The poor student is now a CFO of a multi million company, but I remember and am grateful for the kind people I met in my life. From your stories, I can tell we are sort of alike. Not afraid to stand against management or "higher powers" for what we feel right. Life has too many ups and downs and some people are afraid to take challenges and instead carry balls for the "safe" approach. I look down on people like that. You are certainly someone I can respect.

Boh Tong said...

My email address is
Thank you and happy reading :-)