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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A sad poem for cabin crew by boh tong

The infighting makes the union weak
In the process,crew's future is bleak

Now the management will freely cane
can the crew's backsides take the pain?

Even the turnaround voucher they withdrew
No one in this world cares for you

Now many other things they will do
to our poor cabin crew

Crew can cry till the cows come home
It will merely increase their kiasi syndrome

If you've voted for the right party
then you people will surely not mati

But how do I know all these?
Cos management are the bullies.


Anonymous said...

Wow BT, you are well verse in poetry and prose!
BT, the author and poet!

Anonymous said...

No choice ! He bet on the wrong horse !

Anonymous said...

BT u can now ditch Alan and back Tony

Anonymous said...

Come on BT will not ditch Allan.He was concern for you guys so am I.And we knew that Allan will stand up for all of you. L.C