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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Senior male worker still got chance la

Senior people or those holding high ranks stand a better chance going to bed with their female junior colleagues than their junior counterparts. When I blogged about it happening in cabin crew wah I kena tekan like crazy. Now you see even in some broadcasting/TV company where the senior male celebrities had affairs with their junior female colleagues.....see people like Jack Neow ( sounds like a pussy meow..hehehe) and lately another one called something like Macao Chimp having a 20 something colleague as his mistress.  Remember the case of one world leader who was given a blowjob by one his interns. He was so old mah and so it must be the position he was holding that entitled him to the bj ...rite? So was Jack and Macao who were in their 50's and their partners in their 20s.
How about this ang moh police superintendant? He had affair with his female constable...don't believe me then go and click this link la
Then there was this case of a female firefighter who had sex with her boss hoping she would gain favour from him....somehow she later on sued here
My conclusion is no matter where you work,whether it's in the air, police force,fire brigade,office etc there bound to be this thing called "Seniority has it's privileges"......


Anonymous said...

ALL buayas are alike ! No matter where !

Anonymous said...

wat is buayas?

Anonymous said...

You have to pay a high price if things turn sour. All the cases that came to light are proof to this. It is far cheaper to pay a prostitute.Only thing not so convenient.