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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Was a leading steward on the Boeing 737 aircraft.

In 1969 I was posted to the Boeing 737 fleet where an LS(leading steward) was the crew-in-charge. B737 was better for the LS as we did not have to report to anyone in the a/c. Of course the capt was the commander but we did not have to report to him on matters concerning the inflight service.

The sectors SIN/BKK/HKG vv was known as the Executive Luncheon sector. It was funny as I once had a stewardess who made an annoucement saying executive "lunch cheow" ( penis in Hokkein) flight. It was embarrassing to the paxs and all of us. She simply could not pronounce "luncheon" properly.

Many years later,I met the same stewardess on the street. She left the company in 1978 and I have not seen her since. She was beyond recognition as she was fat and looked liked an ah soh (old aunty)

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Anonymous said...

As we grow older, we may get fatter but as long as we age gracefully, it's fine. Not like some auntie who went naked while on board a bus!