Saturday, January 1, 2011

CS Foo Kwee Phin

Retired in 2005,CS Foo Kwee Phin Passed on the 1 January 2011, age 60years.
Time passes swiftly indeed.
Life is unpredictable and fragile.
Treasure your family and friends.
Forgive and love always.
Wishing all flying crew an Awesome 2011.
Take good care always.
Chua S Ngang

BT: Thanks Ah Ngang for the above info.


Anonymous said...

CS Foo was also a Capt in the army (n/s). He was a quiet and not so sociable type of person as I knew him but rather nice and unassuming.
Capt my u rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

ooops i do mean "may"

Anonymous said...

What did Foo died of?

Anonymous said...

My dad passed away due to a sudden heart attack after 2 days in the intensive care unit. His loved ones were with him during his final hours. Its true that he was slightly quiet. But he was a good father, husband, son and I know that he was also a good colleague during his 34 years of service with SIA. He retired in December 2006. Not 2005.

Jeremy Foo

boh tong said...

Thank you for taking time to come here and comment about your dad. He was no doubt a good and nice man to those who knew him in SIA.
My condolences to you and your mom albeit a bit late.
Take care.
Sincerely yours,

boh tong