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Monday, January 24, 2011

This airline is like a suckling pig to shiok!

To me and many of my other colleagues this is the best airline in the world. It supported us for many years including our family members too. It paid our children's education,holidays,houses and all the bills. Thank you very much bestest airline!

My only regret was it kept me far too long in the comfort zone. Then came the SARS crisis in 2003 and it decided to give us a fairly generous golden handshake. Many of us cabin crew executives took the opportunity and left. But after a while many regretted and only a few were happy. Fortunately,I belong to the latter.

The airline taught me to be patient and the art of handling customers. It also taught me to be efficient and take pride in whatever I do. Today, I owed my small business to my ex employer ( it's a dog's life really hahaha), the world bestest airline not only to it's customers but to it's ex employees like me too...hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Hey BT, i like the dog sweeping the floor!
You have benefitted from your ex- employer both during and after your employment. It has nurtured you into an enterprising individual.

Anonymous said...

Wa didn't noe you like suckling pig BT.

Bulldog said...

can give crew discount at your pet hotel or not?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bulldog, I don't think crew should not ask BT for discount unless they attended his talk and became a crew.