Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My ex-boss asked me for money? Got to be joking.

Point your mouse and click on email for bigger image.

The email was purportedly from my ex svp. His email address was hacked and the hacker pretended to be him and asked me for help.
You can tell whether it's fake or not because of the way you are being addressed in the email. This ex boss of mine would address me by my name.  It's not the case here. It started off as "Hope all is well with you?" and so I could tell the email was not from him. And why the question mark at the end of the sentence? My ex svp's standard of English is better than that.
The other thing is when it comes to dishing out money you better think twice.
I have alerted (via sms) this ex boss today.

Remedy: Change the email password or don't use that address anymore. The first option is better.


Anonymous said...

It is spasm mail

Anonymous said...

Spasm? Not again!
SPAM lah!
And not the ham type of spam, ok?

ah boy said...

My daddy told me spam is ham so I tot spasm is the right word.

Anonymous said...

hey bt, I'm sure you have a few juicy gossips about jamie cuaca aka jamie chua xin yin, the ex-sia stewardess who married into dirty money, care to dish some dirt???

Anonymous said...

She getting divorce soon according to today's paper.
Was she ex-SIA?

Boh Tong said...

The case is b4 the court so I cannot comment otherwise I would to eat oh tau pern...hehehe