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Monday, January 31, 2011

From a PPS passenger...what say you all?

"The other side of the coin is cabin crews do not appreciated being complimented. I had sent in flattering feedback of the crews to the airline and separatedly copied the crews. Guess, nary a word of acknowledgement or thanks. So no wonder PPS or Solitaires stop complimenting the cabin crews. They are ungrateful lot!!!"



It would be good if "the airline" could at least send in a word of compliment acknowledged/ thanks. From what I have read in forums, "it" responds to complaints very fast, but what about compliments? I sent in one a month ago and still no reply... till this day. On the contrary, even our public transport operators respond quicker (within 1 week)! Even a Qatar airline customer service officer was pleased to hear of my compliment when I called the Singapore office to speak of my nice experience with that airline.

Complaints help to remind an organisaton that something is wrong; but compliments serve to genuinely recognise the good service by the staff in the organisation too. If "that airline" can at least send in a letter of acknowledgement for a compliment, it would help the writer know that the staffs' effort is duly recognised.

But on the other hand... if compliments go unanswered, the passengers would be left thinking;
"Why should I waste the effort to write in when there is no appreciation by the company?"

Compliments and Complaints are equally important. Hope "that airline" can appreciate them both.


PS: Im just an ordinary man on the street, but I feel that it is good to give recognition of good service- at least the provider is motivated to work harder, and knows that his kind effort is being appreciated.

ex-SPPS said...

The entire machinery is designed for fault finding.

There is an army of investigators to ensure proctocol is adhered and procedures carried out by each alphabet of the manual.

"Compliments are expected, that is what we hired you for!"

Complaints are unacceptable, and the staff who was in contact with the customer will always recieve
the counselling and the...omnipotent: "You should have..."

Regardless of the fact that BTC selection has not been changed for the last decade..the poor staff would be counselled with "... you should have...."
and we know it is no fault of the staff but someone sitting in an ivory tower somwhere in airline house,STC or lord knows which other cave.. who is the one truly responsible for this... that person ought to be sent to Cairo now and face demanding crowds.

We then all say in unison ..." you should have..."

Chris said...

After a flight from LHR-SIN last August, I sent a compliment back to SIA. within 24 hrs, i received a response from the back office. 3-4 weeks later I got an email from the FSS whom I had complimented, thanking me for the compliment. Guess my email address may have been on the compliment forwarded to her.