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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My new lease of life hopefully brings good..........

My new lease of life hopefully will bring good fortune to my friends and myself. Why do I say this? It's because it may make my buddies rich or at least line their pockets with more $$$.
As many of you know that punting on the 4 Digits lottery is a favourite pastime with Singaporeans and Malaysians.
The 4 D is managed by the S'pore Pools and it's available to the public on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. With a bet of  $1 on "Big" one can win  S$2,000 if the 4 D or 4 numbers is picked for the first prize. It will be $3,000 of the "Small" category. For more click here. 

A friend of mine once hit the 2nd prize and he collected $125,000. I won twice in the first prize category, netting $20,000. I wager only a few dollars and that's why the sum I won was small as compared to my buddy.

The point I want to make is this. Last night, I dreamt of a car with a beautiful plate number of  7755 driving passed me.  It was a funny dream which I am not going to dwell on. The important thing here are the numbers 7755. You may place a small bet on 7755 or the other combinations of this number eg 7575,5577,5757 etc.

Being a Saturday today, the queue to buy the 4 D can be long. However, there are many lottery outlets and so the wait would not be more than 15 minutes. Also the result would be out by 7pm tonight. The same goes for the Sunday and Wednesday's draw.

Good luck and I hope to be of help.


Anonymous said...

BT, if your numbers come out, then u can offer success to 4D service. Good luck to you and those who bought the numbers. I won't be buying cos i never won anything which i didn't work for in my life. So if i were to buy the numbers that you have suggested, i would be doing you and the people who bought a disservice.

boh tong said...

Thanks for your kind support by not tat w/o u we have a better chance...will belanja u when we strike tonite.

Anonymous said...

BT:From a blogger to a Tang Kee !

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT:From a blogger to a Tang Kee !-----------------------------------------------

like tat i got to pierce my cheeks and cut my tongue...hahaha