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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shame shame nasty PPS passenger

There was a flight delay and this lady a SQ PPS passenger was screaming her head off. She was threatening the staff....wah go to the aircraft cabin crew sure kena also eg. "this might cost you your job!!!" ..aiya lady let people earn a living dun be so cocky la....

BT: Above is in no way a reflection of all our PPS. I hope someday someone would post on YouTube
about the nicer side of the PPS.

PPS = Priority Piece of Shit!
       = Poo Poo Shit!


Anonymous said...

Lady don be how lian,bullying the KL staff. It's not staff fault if the flt is delayed.

Anonymous said...

poo poo shit reminds me of my dog lol

Anonymous said...

Wah Lau, she is hysterical, man!
Will a hysterectomy cure her of the ailment?
I feel so upset that after watching her bully the ground staff.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people like the Ah Soh who is screaming her head off don't realise that she is the one that looks like a jerk to everyone else watching!

Anonymous said...

So unbecoming. So low class. So uncouth. Schools should bring back ethics lesson into the curriculum.