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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh no another interview!

Click on above picture for bigger version if your eyesight is poor.

The above email was sent to me by the editor of a magazine in India....wah lau besides the Malaysian newspaper "The Star" interviewing me then I had the Razor TV interview plus 938 Live FM....what's next boy?  Perhaps Playboy magazine interview soon hor?

Soon my name will be Chin Bee Zee (busy)
With all the interviews I'll be Pepsi (Pepsi is no.1 mah)

No time to talk cock and drink kopi
No time to sing song and be angry

I also drive what is called a taxi
Not for human but for pets only

I also own a nice pet farm
Lots of money I've pump

If I don't make a profit
Then the farm I shall forfeit

But the money keeps pouring in
After I left SIA , I always win

The pet farm is also a pet hotel
From here more things I can propel

To greater heights will I soar
And keep scoring more and more.

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