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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This check stewardess was a bitch!

May (not her real name) was a fat check stewardess in her 40's when I was an Inflight Supervisor (IFS). This was in the mid 1970's when we first acquired the B747. May was pally  pally with the union leader and the svp of cabin crew at that time. She was promoted 4 ranks upward in one go. Normally one would be promoted from the lowest rank of a stewardess to leading stewardess and then to chief stewardess and finally to IFS before becoming a check stewardess or check steward.
May was a big bully and a bitch as far as the crew were concerned except for a few of her cronies or kakis as we called them. She would lined the crew up and checked their make-ups,hairdos,fingernails,uniforms,shoes etc etc. before each flight as though they were like children. She would scold and shout at the crew who did greet her in the way she desired. Those were the days when the crew would feel like reporting sick the moment they heard May their "beloved"check stewardess was flying with them.
May's weaknesses were stealing booze and cigarettes from the aircraft. There were at least 2 complaints lodged by the crew regarding the theft but the so called svp did not take any action against her. Later, I found out from a captain that the svp and May were having a dirty love affair.
On one of my flights, May asked me to endorse her report of at least 5 of my crew. They were all bad reports and as far as I was concerned May's report was baseless and biased. I refused to endorse and she included my name in that list.
I was summoned to the svp's office and asked to explain my action. I countered report May on the ground that she was biased and unfair to my crew. My svp closed the case by saying that as senior crew we should not fight with one another.
A few weeks later, a gutsy leading stewardess by the name of Ann reported May for stealing liquor from the aircraft bar. She had a steward as her witness. There was an inquiry and May was reprimanded.
This could only happended because May's svp lover had been transferred out of cabin crew. The new svp could not tolerate May's behaviour.
May got her lawyer to write to the new svp,asking him to squash the case otherwise she would sue him for defamation. You know what? The svp didn't care two hoots and instead sacked May.
Last I heard May was an alcoholic and later lost her mind.


Anonymous said...

think she is dead by now

Cheng Ho's batchboy said...

SS.... Rest in Peace.

BT's spirit said...

Cheng Ho's batchboy y u so stupid to post under here. It shd be under Bt's obituary instead.

Cheng Ho's batchboy said...

Long Live BT!

boh tong said...

Thank u Cheng Ho's's good to be alive.

Anonymous said...

How come fat can become stewardess?

Koko said...

Anonymous said...
How come fat can become stewardess?

Boy boy and gal gal last time many years ago can.

Anonymous said...

I heard there are lesians in the crew. is that true?

Gay Boy said...

Lesbianism is common in the airlines like everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

then i hope there are more stories about lesbianism among the crew.