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Sunday, January 23, 2011

This store sucks too!

I went for a walk in interview with the above convenient store. The job they advertised were "store supervisor", "assistant night supervisor" etc.
At the interview, a young punk told me I was not suitable for the store supervisor position as I lacked experience. The salary offered was $1,800. He offered me the assistant night supervisor post instead. The salary was $1,200. Since I was there I said "fine I like it ". The next moment after looking at my resume,he looked at me and said "uncle I didn't know you are already 60 years old". "I will have to talk to my boss and if I don't call you by Wednesday then we are not giving you the job due to your age".
They did not call me even till today and I am now 65 years old.


Anonymous said...

The young punk was right.
Peanuts are for monkeys, not for BT.
BT = big time!
BT, you must thank all those who rejected you or you won't have been what you are today!

Boh Tong said...

aiya wat i am doing now aso no big deal play one..anyway thank u for ur kind comment.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays a lot of businesses want to employ young people who can work hard, multi-task (pow suar pow hai), willing to accept subsistence level pay and make money for them (employers). Aiyah, wake up la. You think they will do their work diligently and honestly?
Their pay may be $1,200 but the freebies may add up to another 100%
of their salary.

Anonymous said...

You now know what is your marketability in the labour market?