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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thought this comment was good.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A SPPS passenger clarifies":

When I was still flying with SIA, I had served quite a few stars and
celebrities on my flights. The bigger their billing, the nicer they are. There was Erik Estrada("Punch", one half of California highway patrol pair on "CHiPs" which was very popular on TV those days), who was on my flight about 20 years ag. He was super nice. After he woke up from his sleep, he came to the galley to get a cup of coffee. He stayed and chit-chatted with us like old friends. There was Tom Jones who was very sincere, polite and appreciative. There was Jet Li who, though did not speak much because we did not converse with him in Mandarin, was humble and did not hesitate to get up from his seat to take a picture with us.
Then, there was Chow Yuen Fatt who ate a little, then rested. After landing, he obliged us with a picture-taking session, giving us his famous Kodak smile. Some of these celebrities who always smile in front of the camera, suddenly have frozen jaws when they came on board. One of our home-grown singers who is very popular in Taiwan and China never even looked up when she addressed us. No please, no thank you. One of our local TV actresses kicked up such a big fuss when a couple of droplets of aircon condensation fell on her, when she was travelling in EY. But, my best VIP passenger of all was Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, who showed concern for our welfare - asking us if we had rested or eaten. She always wiped the basin dry after she used the toilet.

BT:  To the cabin crew, one of ways to assess how well mannered a passenger is,is how he/she keeps his/her toilet clean after use i.e. wiping the wash basin,flush the toilet,put the toiletries back in their right places etc....Yes I can testify to what anonymous said about the late Mrs. Lee.


Anonymous said...

RIP Mrs Lee. We all miss you dearly

Anonymous said...

That's why i said BT, the richer or higher ranking the passenger is, the more civil he is likely to be.

boh tong said...

ya la u r rite.

Anonymous said...

The other side of the coin is cabin crews do not appreciated being complimented. I had sent in flattering feedback of the crews to the airline and separatedly copied the crews. Guess, nary a word of acknowledgement or thanks. So no wonder PPS or Solitaires stop complimenting the cabin crews. They are ungrateful lot!!!

Anonymous said...

The Rich are divided into Old Money and New Money. Usually, the Old Money behave better.

Anonymous said...

"One of our home-grown singers who is very popular in Taiwan and China never even looked up when she addressed us. No please, no thank you."

Thats the mentality of our local celebrities.


Jim said...

who are the local Celebs mentioned? share leh!! :)

Anonymous said...

Clues - one has something to do with the Sun, while the other had liver problem a few years back. Get it??? No more clues, ok?

Anonymous said...

I suppose when they reach "superstar" status, they also
need super-egos to go along with it.

Anonymous said...

I bumped into Mrs Lee many ago, and yes, of all places, inside the toilet!! she had a woman police officer waiting outside the toilet. I was washing my hands saw her! She actually greeted me first ''Hello girl, how are you?'' and i remembered my replied was, Hello, Mrs Lee.
Yes, i had many celebrities on my flt, the local ones are the worse, always in EY and yet like to compliant!! Dun know why?? is so true that ppl with money are divided into old and new money and the old ones behave better. usually the richer and more famous the person, the more humble they are. i remembered we had the hair guru, vidal sasson with us, when we knew abt it, of coz we all rushed to the lav to chk our hair :D he and his wife were so humble and nice, we chatted with him the whole flt and no, we didnt talk abt hair!!