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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wah taxi driver also film director.

Don't you gals think the old uncle taxi driver is a goodie goodie type. He may be a porno film director for all you know.  Careful now ladies if you are wearing skirts cos uncle cabbie may place an innocent looking pen on his taxi armrest and point at your undies. Like that uncle also feel shiok. Ha, maybe the job of driving around for hours had cause this uncle cabbie to be bored. So maybe he wanted to entertain himself a little. Click here to read more.


Anonymous said...

So deprived that's why resorted to such a tactic! Not every man is fortunate to have girls throwing themselves onto him.
But the girl who exposed him was cool to take pictures of the device instead of confronting him.

Ah Lian said...

Why old people so horn? really sucks!

Anonymous said...

Do u mean "horny"?

Anonymous said...

Chiku pear lao ah peh!