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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woman Sues Airline—for Not Waking Her Up

(NEWSER) – Ginger McGuire's lawsuit is weird—she's suing United Airlines for failing to wake her up and leaving her inside a plane after landing—but her follow-up interview with Fox News is possibly even weirder. Interviewer Jane Skinner seems to think McGuire should "buy an alarm clock and STFU," writes Tommy Christopher for Mediaite. Watch the awkward pauses and Skinner's cringe-inducing, accusatory questions above.
Even if you're sympathetic to McGuire's plight, she "doesn’t acquit herself well in this interview, which plays like a sketch based on the premise that she still hasn’t woken up," Christopher continues. Still, she has a point: "The security concerns this incident points up are serious. What if, instead of a sleeping passenger, that crew had left a terrorist saboteur aboard that plane?"

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