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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bridal gowns considered a security risk on flights?

By Alicia Wong – February 14th, 2011Email Facebook Twitter Print

A letter writer complains to Australian media about Singapore Airlines.

A couple travelling on Singapore Airlines (SIA) to Abu Dhabi to get married were apparently refused assistance with the wedding dress, according to a letter sent to Australian media.

According to the letter-writer, Robyn Lewis, mother of the bride, the couple contacted SIA before they left Australia to request for a small area to hang the dress, which was in a travel bag.

“My daughter was told it could be a security risk and was not given any hope of a place to hang the dress. At check-in and again on the plane they were refused any assistance with the dress,” she wrote in the letter.

She said, the dress was “small with no hoops and weighed almost nothing”.

“Consequently, the dress arrived in a poor state and required drycleaning to restore it to its pre-departure condition,” she said.

When contacted, SIA told AsiaOne it was unable to comment on the incident as it had not received any complaints. The airline urged the complainant to contact them and provide them with more details.


Anonymous said...

Might as well bring anything you want just because you paid the fare.

Anonymous said...

Go and fly Qantas la and see whether they can help

Anonymous said...

Yes i so agree, go fly qantas and see the "GREAT" service they will give u...(cant wait to see the reaction of the Qantas crew if u ask them for help)..hahahahaah~ end of the day, they just wanna complain about SIA and deep down, they are just plain jealous of how well SIA is doing..

Anonymous said...

Hi being a retired crew would have explained to the pax that we understand that one usually gets married once in a life time and the wedding gown is the brides pride.AS such we will do all possible to assist.So if you have the space try to assist if not opoligise.I am such the pax will understand and if they dont than refer to stn staff.I am surprise that some comments from the crew was"Ha Ha go and fly Qantas".LEt me remind if all pax do that(fly Qantas)go luck to you as SIA dont need to employ you.YOU are in the service industry and the pax is part of your salary.

Anonymous said...

The crew can explain till cows come home.Paxs are nasty and unreasonable so we don't need them.Other nicer paxs are welcome to fly with us.