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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is this a rumour or a fact?

I heard from an ex colleagues that a Eurasian ex IFS had passed away in Perth. I do not want to mention his name in case I was misinformed. Can someone confirm this please?
Clue : He was given the early retirement due to some offences he was alleged to have committed (sorry no prize for the right answer).


Anonymous said...

It was Malcom Norfor who died of cancer in Perth.

Anonymous said...

I also heard an Indian ex-CCE passed away in London about 1 month ago while visiting his daughter. Anybody can shed some light on this?

Anonymous said...

Do u mean Raja the cce? Not true because it was actually Raja a former ground staff manager.

Nina Ricci eau de temps said...

who else is next?

the grim reaper waits

to all who belong to the era
of 737/707/727/DC10/MartinAir/Concorde..

whats your queue number?

Ready and packed?

dont forget your bow tie.. and binggo.. BJ Kuan will ask you for it..

dont forget your toupe too... O'hara cant recognise you..

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Norfor didn't die of Cancer. He died because of a heart attack. get your facts right before you gossiped about someone's death.