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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To hell with airline stories,at least for now because hundreds of Libyan protesters are being slaughtered while the world stood by and talk

The UN, USA, Britain and the whole world are full of rhetoric while the Libyans are being massacred and murdered by the Kadaffi regime.
I heard over the news that some countries and the UN are talking about sancations against the brutal regime at this point of time when hundreds of innocent Libyans are killed. What can sanctions do at a time like this? They condemned Kadaafi's merciless acts of repression but did nothing to stop the violence. Talk,talk,talk....NATO ( no action talk only ),that's what they are good for.
Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s deputy ambassador to the UN asked the Security Council to impose a no fly zone over Libya to stop the massacre but was met with more rhetorics.
We just hope and pray that someone or some country could come to the rescue of the Libyan people by disarming Kadaffi and his mercenary thugs. Latest report is more than 1,000 people have been machine gunned and killed.
Down with this tyrant and all the tyrants and dictators in the world!


Anonymous said...

Shoot Kadafi the SOB

Libyan S'pore PR said...

That tryrant is losing his grip on Libya. I predict he will be killed by his own soldiers shortly.

Anonymous said...

Drop him (with a mini-parachute, of course) from a aircraft over Lockerbie and let him experience those final moments the victims of the PANAM air crash went through.

Anonymous said...

He is on better than Hitler in fact wosrt bcos Hitler din kill his own ppl