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Thursday, 10 February 2011

This is what a ground staff have to say about SPPS/PPS

Lately, there are more obnoxious SPPS (Superior Piority Piece of Shits) and sad to sad to say most are the UGLY S'porean! Demanding pax are challenging for us but rude, unreasonable and verbal abusive pax are a real arseholes from checking in, to the SKlounge,they were seen stuffing into their bags with beer, sandwiches, cup noodles etc except Haegan das icecream!If they did not get what they want they become verbally abusive even using a four letter words to us female staff.All I wish to say is that "Never, never be obnoxious with people handling your food!" We ground staff feels so sorry for the cabin crew as they have to kowtow to these arseholes for the duration of the flight.
So if you are a real PPS please do be gracious like some people with old money and have class.And do believe in Karma.


cabin crew said...

Oh mind even ground staff get bullied!

Anonymous said...

Time to use your security leverage.
Abusive behaviour can be a security concern.
Time to take out the black & white.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the company allows the staff to be bullied by these monsters.

Anonymous said...

Don't be nasty to people who prepare or serve you food or drinks.THINK......