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Monday, March 21, 2011

Secrets to looking good on long-haul flights.


1. Ensure you have a good rest before the flight. Minimise your intake, or refrain from, caffeinated or carbonated drinks and drink plenty of water instead.

2. Dress in layers to keep comfortable. Aircraft temperatures vary so the more comfortable you are, the better you will feel.

3. Dress in comfortable, light, non-crease clothing and avoid wearing tight pants.

4. Wear flat, comfortable shoes - feet often swell when sitting in the one position for prolonged periods.

5. Pack a comfortable outfit for the long flight so you can change prior to landing or during transit. Remember you may be in the same clothes for over 24-hours on some long haul flights so changing your clothes will make you feel better at the other end.

1. Crew are known to drink as much as two or three litres of water during a long haul flight. Drink still water regularly and don’t be afraid to drink too much of it. If you find you need to go to the bathroom more often, treat this as a good excuse to move your body during the flight - it will make you feel better in the end.

2. Apply night-cream or hydrating moisturiser to the face and body regularly throughout a long flight to avoid dry skin. If you are wearing make-up, consider taking it off during the journey. Spritz your face regularly to keep it moist. Use lip balm to keep lips moist and avoid cracking.

3. Eat healthy snacks such as fruit and avoid saturated fats. Move, walk and stretch regularly throughout the flight. During the flight many crew members avoid heavy meals loaded with carbs and tend to opt for lighter options (such as salad and/or soup) during the night.

4. Use eye drops to prevent your eyes from drying. Consider using a saline nose spray to keep your sinuses moist.

5. Groom yourself prior to landing - brush your teeth and hair. Ladies, apply light make-up and lip-gloss to make yourself look and feel fresher upon arrival.


1. Think about your arrival time and try to sleep throughout the flight accordingly. If you arrive at your destination in the morning, try to get a good sleep or rest on the aircraft. If you can't sleep, even closing your eyes and resting your mind is better than nothing.

2. If you arrive in the evening have a few small naps to get you through the flight, avoiding a long sleep so that you can sleep that night at your destination.

3. The sooner you can adjust to the new the time zone the lesser the impact of jet lag you will experience. Revitalise yourself by taking deep breaths.

4. Dry lips are one of the hazards of the job - Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream/gel is standard issue for many cabin crews.

5. Wear eye shades and ear plugs to assist in resting. Use a neck rest pillow to assist with comfort.


1. If you’re in transit try and shower and brush your teeth and change your clothing, if you haven’t already done so aboard the flight. Cleanse your face and reapply hydrating products. Keep drinking plenty of water.

2. Expose yourself to sunlight to combat jet lag.

3. Walk or move around to get your blood flowing and to assist with staying awake and alert.

4. Avoid drinking too much alcohol when you arrive at your destination or you may fall asleep at the wrong time as well as risking dehydration.

5. A common saying among airline crews is: listen to your body – regardless of where you are what time it is. If you’re feeling like you need to have a sleep then sleep.
Taken from Daily Telegraph December 17, 2010

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