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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crew slang & lingo

You may or may not have heard of the following crew lingo or slang:

Chiat chow --- in Hokkein literary means eat grass but to the crew it means one is broke or penniless.It's commonly used when a crew has lost a lot of his money/meal allowances in a gambling session, most commonly losing in a casino.

Pai lo ti -------- in Hokkein it means queuing at the bakery for bread. In the crew's context it means waiting for one's turn to have sex with a gal who is busy engaging in sex with another guy ( it's an orgy but more orderly and disciplined ).

Bicycle ------ when a gal is branded as a bicycle it means she is a whore and any guy could ride.

Langar lorry-------- this refers to a gal who is ugly. In Malay it means a person who is being crushed by a lorry in an accident.

GS------------ a galley steward but also means a galley slave.

Off load------- is to rid the aircraft of it's bar drinks, soft drinks, mineral water, food etc and pack them to the hotel to be feasted later  She off loaded a lot of dry stores from the EY (Economy Class)

Dry stores------ grocery items like biscuits, bread, can drinks etc.

Koooning ------ means sleeping ( combination of Hokkein and English)

Uplift ---------- to collect/borrow money from credit card company/bank or colleague after losing at casino etc. eg " He wants to uplift $2,000 at ANZ bank using his credit card after losing all his money at the casino"

Zero------ means stupid.

Blur like sotong-------- also means stupid or in a Wah that new stewardess is blur like sotong,don't know where the coffee cups are.

CCN ----- Cabin Crew News (usually associated with a rumour)

EOB-----Eat aircraft food so don't have to spend money eating outstation food when the aircraft lands.

BT: will blog some more if I can recall or can any crew or ex crew contribute too?


Anonymous said...

BT.. you forgot..
ROC - Relax Once Corner.. hehe

Hang Seng Parasite said...

"Pai Lo Ti" i laughed till i choked on my water. i am buying a copy of your book for collection.

Anonymous said...

I was recommended this website by my cousin.
I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
You are amazing! Thanks!