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Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't let them exploit you, friends.

Those employers who take advantage of older workers by paying them peanuts should wake up to the reality that they will get monkeys.
What makes me want to blog about this subject is because I was told that a retired chief steward and a supervisor are currently working for a very low salary. They had just started working for a delivery company which pays each of them $400 basic salary a month plus another $200 for transport allowance. Their job,I was told, was to deliver some small items to their customers. Their main means of transportation are either by buses or MRT or both (can't expect them to travel by cab right?). They accepted the job because of boredom. Their are in their early 60s.
One would assumed that once you have put in many years of service with SIA as a cabin crew you would be getting a decent salary when you start working for another company. Granted these are retired and old ex crew but what about their vast experience as front line and service people? Yes, you may argue that since they accepted the job they must be quite happy with the pay. I agree with that statement but I think their employer are exploiting them, knowing their present predicament. My suggestion is not to let them exploit you,my ex colleagues and friends. Come let's get together and see what we can do as retired staff of cabin crew .
One afternoon I was having coffee with a retired chief steward at a coffee shop in Sengkang when I received a call asking me whether I could bring a small dog from a place nearby to an animal clinic at Balestier. I told the caller my fees for a 2 way trip was $80. She agreed and I offered the job to the chief steward instead. It was his first assignment and he enthusiastically accepted my offer. See , it's so easy to earn $80 in just under 2 hours of work.
On another occasion, I had a retired colleague transporting a dog to clinic. As he was driving home after the assignment, I offered him another job. This time he was to fetch a dog from Tampines to Turf City. He earned $130 for the 2 assignments in just under 2 hours of work. He thanked me for helping him earn some money. This same guy is hardworking and he now earns a couple of thousands a month for looking after people's dogs.
Do you remember Bobby Chew the ex chief steward? He is a taxi driver and occasionally I will ask him to ferry small dogs for me. He told me it's more rewarding to transport these pets than humans. He always look forward to my call.
I am currently helping VJ to conduct talks for cabin crew wannabes. He had sat in my talks and picked up some tips. He would assist me  for now  and after a while I want him to take over the job completely. I told him I will get the participants and he will conduct the workshop and we will split the proceeds 50 50. He agreed.
I am currently operating a pet hotel and don't mind having my ex crew friends work with me. Any takers? But first you must have a liking for pets like dogs and cats.


Anonymous said...

BT = big towkay!
Good for you. Cheers!

Pat said...

I will email you my resume and hope you will employ me part time as I am a student.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT, I would like to ask your advice though it is not related to this blog entry. If I finish my private diploma course in end June. Can I apply and go for the Cabin Crew interview? As by end June I would have received all my results but have to wait till end July to receive my Transcript and end October to recieve my Certificate. I wish to start applying as early as possible. Thanks and Regards.