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Sunday, March 13, 2011

GE Poem by Tan Ah Pee

Infighting is a big joke
like tat how to give us hope
the opposition is so weak
if they win we kena fix

Best is vote for PAP
because my name is tan ah pee
It's the best party ever
 poverty for us will never

PAP founder is lao lee
That everyone must agree
His son Hsien Loong
Is smarter than a goon

Allow casinos in singapore
To us they are an eyesore
Our money all they take
Caused our family heartache

But the new budget is good
Recession we could withstood
They provide us HDB flats
We wont be a nation of rats

I will vote you for sure
So I will never be poor
Thank u Thank u PAP
Kick opposition till mati

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