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Thursday, March 31, 2011

CC wanted me to create a forum to air ........

3years flying junior has left a new comment on your post "Like a dog that returns to its vomit..........": 

Good morning BT, I am someone that always believe good service comes from within, its a matter of whether we (CC) want to do it or not. After 3 years flying with SQ, I am truly impressed by how crew's creativity can do magic on board. By enforcing, does not get the desired results. I am paxing recently to PVG, for once I sit down and observed that the smiles are gone, the positiveness and passion are replaced by "are towels done"? SPML accounted for? etc. WE ARE SAPPED by the company because of all these minor things they are squeezing us. EG..roster us flights right till our rostered AALV, A330 refusing to standardise at 11 crewing, take away 2 crew for 200R, i feel it doesnt make sense playing THE SIA GIRL video right after take off, but we are not happy, tired, demoralised. I really hope BT start a place for our views to be shared, or even publish a newsletter to be sent to our CEO :D for I am someone at the frontline for SIA, I know, if mgt do not squeeze and squeeze us, we dont need checks board, we will fight for SIA.

BT: I do not mind creating a blog for cc to air their frustrations, grievances with their jobs etc. However, I won't condone the smearing of individuals, insulting anyone or accusing people of this and that unless you have solid evidence. Also, if not many cc are participating in the blog by leaving comments etc I would inevitably delete it as the views would not be the representatives of many cc.

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Anonymous said...

After 3 years of flying best time to decide whether to stay or quit.

If you don't enjoy your job, guess this is not the place for you.

How to remain dedicated and commited when morale is low.

Do something that you enjoy or have a passion for.

The longer you are in there, the harder for you to get out.

If you start your new career now, you may achieve your vision one day.


Anonymous said...

She din say she din like her job.She is merely saying sia is squeezing the crew like mad until their morale is affected.

Anonymous said...

Yah, that's why so many people left. Long flts, short stays, terrible lah. Super tiring lah the flts. SIan.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT, what is the highest rank that you and Wijay made to during your cabin crew days?

3years flying junior said...

Hi Karma,
thanks for your advice, and in due respect to you, I assume (sorry if I am wrong) that you have not worked in a A330 HAN turn, A330 TPE,taken your crew rest on a B777-200R in the cabin with a pax next to you in broad daylight to CHC, or worked with 3-4 P PLATES in the entire EY zone and still expected you of providing a service that other airlines talk about. Dont get me wrong, I aspire to be an IFS too, full of passion in my first 2 years of flying, but now like you said, I have a vision and plan already to leave but is just a matter of "bo-pian" , $$$. I guess many of us if not for bo-pian $ sake, will choose to leave already. I commented on BT's blog really hoping some hot shots will take note, and do something to retain staff, if not , the senior crew that are staying for good will have to suffer every cycle when new crew are injected again and again ...

Sleeping Buddha said...

Ha! ha!.. it was on the wall oready..
.. more than 10 years ago.

CCEs were the 1st victims
Than came the managers
followed close behind by IFS and
anyone not young.

I am glad they sacked me.. otherwise I would have been fighting tooth & nail just to get free mineral water, and free National Geographic mags.

Only those who have the vision will be able to see the path ahead.

It ai'nt going to be like the good ol days bro!

Fly for a while for the sightseeing ( where possible ) and the experience of meeting queers,idiots and the iconic singapore PPS with an equally memorable spouse.. not to mention the ruthless CCEs, managers, SVPs and their underlings.

Pilots?.. yeah, them too.

Come out soon.. else you'll get infected with crew myopia.. see only Sao Paulo and nothing else.

Good luck

boh tong said...

Wijay & I were scale 2 CCEs

Anonymous said...

Hi 3 yrs of flying....hoping some hot shots will take note, and do something.....

I exprienced much more than you since I joined in the 70s...on how the management treat the staff.
Nothing new.

If you still hope that some hot shots will take note, then stay on.

It's your life hope that one day you will not have any regrets.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

sorry for my ignorance BT, what exactly is scale 2 CCE?

boh tong said...

There are 4 salary scales for CCE. The higher it's the higher the salary. We were in the middle i.e. scale 2.

Anonymous said...

what does CCE stand for?

Anonymous said...

2nd scale = IFS??

Boh Tong said...

CCE = Cabin Crew Executive

Anonymous said...

Just do what's required of you. Co-operate with fellow crew members. Don't back-stab. No wikileaks. Stay out of trouble. Don't volunteer - they are nice to you when they need you.Years later, when you need them, they will say to you "everybody also got ECA". Seniors, be nice to juniors and tech crew.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I sympathy with you.Its not only happening in cabin crew.Its system wide in Singspore,So where you work,you will face the same problem.May be bigger or smaller depending on the kind of job spec.Remember stress is the number one killer so don't let that take the better side of you.Learn to man manage your leaders and colleagues.Well if I was still flying,would help you but unfortunately I just retired last year.Also your big boss have got his KPI to maintain.So its not going to be easy for cabin crew.I wish for cabin crew Allan Tan was your union chief as I have seen him standing up for the crew.I hope your new leader is doing the same.Tke care and God Bless Cabin Crew.Lawrence