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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Union or no union the show must go on

The cabin crew voted out the previous committee of their union representatives and installed one that is new to the game. The new team is in power since last October when they trashed the incumbent led by Alan Tan 20 to 0. Great news when Tony their new leader and new party Choice won by a landslide. Cabin crew was jubilant at the results and almost everyone was celebrating.
Alan and his party Heart wasn't doing a bad job. The crew was overly ambitious and greedy. They wanted Heart to squeeze every drop of blood from the company. They wanted more perks and pay besides what they were having. These were mostly the younger and junior crew.
SIA is a good company to work for. Granted they were a couple of asses in the office who would make life difficult for their flying colleagues. Overall, it's still a great company. An employee gets all kinds of perks eg. car and housing loans at very low interest rates, free tickets for self and dependants plus unlimited discount tickets to SIA's destination, $8 a month sports club membership with free car park, shares option, housing renovation loan, free meals provided for the crew on the plane even though they are being paid meal allowances etc etc.
Without giving Choice party a longer period of time to prove themselves,some of the crew are already cursing and swearing at them for not being able to deliver their election promises.
Cabin crew think that they can suka suka kicked the people they democratically voted in. If they think their elected reps are not doing a good job then they have themselves to blame.
The crew are childish and a bunch of spoilt brats. They should thank their good fortune for having been employed by the airline. Outside of the airline, they are nothing. I know it because many of ex colleagues who were so called executives could not even find a proper job. Even 7-11 stores don't want them as assistant night supervisors, a position that hardly pays more than a $1,200 a month. They were "big timers" when they with SIA,earning no less than $7,000 a month plus bonuses ( senior ones with O level were taking home something like $10,000 a month). No wonder they were given the "Handshake". Today many have found they are redundant and unwanted in the employment arena.
So CC please wake up! When you leave SIA then you would know what you are worth.....perhaps a piece of S***.

BT: If u dun believe me go and read the many comments in this blog


Anonymous said...

Right on BT. CC are good for nothing bunch. Think they are steady pom pi pi

tan ah pi said...

wat is pom pi pi?

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you on most of your points about SIA being a good company also on the union.You make the bed you lie on it and don't cry over spilled milk.I still think and know Allan would have done a better job if he was given a second term. L.C

Anonymous said...

Alan and co. had 3 years to prove themselves. They failed miserably. Crew were unhappy. They could not risk giving them another 3 years. Being a nice, honest guy does not make him a capable unionist. It is not easy to make the crew happy. When things are going well, they say "Co.very good", but when things are bad, they say union fucked-up". Union is seldom given credit.

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew who don't have suitable qualifications will have difficulty
finding good jobs when they retire.
So what if you are working for the best airline in the world. It means zilch. My advice to those who
are going to retire in 10 years
time: better go get some recognised
skill or qualification. Don't spend your free time goofing around. Do something productive. Unless you don't intend to work after retirement.

Disillusion said...

I beg to differ from you BT.Crew just wanted the management to be fair to them that is all.Our working condition has become bad instead of better under our former SVP.We have more linked flts.
Some months we have 3 and 2 days flt without any long flt.Standby numbers have been reduced to skeleton numbers and control sometimes have to ask for volunteers.My standby called ups have been 100%.A380 Hkg turn because of the 2hrs 15 mins transit in Hkg is unpopular with the crew as it is very tiring.Management agreed to give extra crew and $30 NTUC vouchers to crew to compensate for the hardship in operating the flt.Now all this have been taken away cos the transit has been reduced by 15 mins.The point is, the crew have to work harder and getting lesser pay.Contrary to us wanting "Heart to squeeze every drop of blood from the company",the management had been squeezing every drop of blood from us and all this thanks to our former SVP aka Mr.KPI as he is popularly known.Alan,I believe had been out-played and out-classed
by a more shrewed management team which cared more for their KPI at our expense.If you care to take a sample survey,I can guarantee that the crew morale now is at rock bottom.With a new SVP now,we fear more cost cutting measures at our expense to come our way.The future for cabin crew sure looks ominous indeed.