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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cannot say,never say but can tell you in private..hehehe.

During the past week I have met a few retired crew at some shopping malls like the Nex Mall and other eateries. We had meals and drinks and chatted about the funny stories that took place during our previous job. Some of the stories told and if I were to blog about them, would cause a big embarrassment to our ex employer. How could I blog about a gal who told a extremely difficult passenger to "F*** off" during the flight? How I could I blog about the crew playing SKP during the nite flight so on and so forth?
Yes, so I've decided not to blog about things we did that would cause discomfort to the airline.
It was fun though meeting these senior ex crew.


Anonymous said...

What are about the "flap" thing?

Anonymous said...

you mean operation flap on the comet?