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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A farewell party

Can't believe my ears when a crew told me this went like this:

A senior staff (boss) in his department was to be transferred to another division. Let's call him Terry. He was not the best boss to work with and most of his staff disliked him.
One day he had news he was to be transferred out of his dept. It was a practice that the staff would throw a farewell party for a colleague who is leaving the dept or company. Being an unpopular boss, Terry knew his junior staff would not care to give him a farewell party. In order to avoid embarrassment to himself, Terry decided to give the staff a farewell party.
Terry's house was big and spacious. He organised a party and invited his staff. Being polite,most of the staff attended his party. They had a BBQ and lots of drinks.
On the next working day i.e. Monday, Terry's secretary went round the office and asked those staff who had attended the farewell party to pay for their share of the expenses incurred at the party!


retiring soon said...

bt,must be faggy lu or cpl leong.thinking about it has to be obstinate toh.

Once upon a CSs said...

ha! ha!ha! ha! ha!..
damn good one!... ha! ha!ha!..

Thats what happens when "cut costs"
is being drilled down to the last neutron in your body..and for staying too long under such 'radiation'..

Crew have been known to extract soba and butter pads from pax trays ( especially on JPN flights ) to eat.. becos of having policies to be as lean as possible.
JPN meal components were expensive ex JPN and the company's zeal to control costs focused on catering costs.

They should have cut the housing allowances for the station manager and the GM's car.

But as usual, crew were always the favourite target since their display of LV & Prada bags hinted that they were overpaid.

Such an unprofessional way of doing things.. and we know the origins of this type of thinking...

Ha! ha! ha!.. thanks for the entertainment.. real good start for the day!!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The staff should just pay with Hell money.