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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Man dies on SIA flight bound for San Francisco

By Alicia Wong | SingaporeScene – 2 hours 58 minutes ago
A man, whose identity is not yet known, died on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound forSan Francisco on Saturday.
The cause of death has not been confirmed.
SQ flight 2 was on the way to San Francisco from Singapore via Hong Kong, reported Channel NewsAsia.
According to SIA, the man, who was holding a US passport, was found unconscious 90 minutes before the flight landed.
Three passengers, believed to be in the medical field, tried to provide medical assistance but their attempts at reviving him were unsuccessful.
SIA said it will provide any form of assistance needed by the man's family.


Anonymous said...

Check Pulse!

Stand Clear! Stand Clear!

Deliver shock now!

Stand Clear! Stand Clear!

kenna lots of paper work..
hope IFS is ok.. otherwise hands all shakin.. dead man you know!

kenna sai...he/she better buy 4D & TOTO.. whats the seat number too?
just add the number 4 in front or at the back.

Anonymous said...

SIA Cabin Crew put sleeping tablets in the drinks of passengers in order that all the passengers go to sleep for the long duration of the flight.

Is this a case of the Cabin Crew giving an overdose?

Or the passenger had a severe drug reaction to the sleeping pills?


Anonymous said...

Crew too busy serving meals.

Anonymous said...

Do not comment further unless you were present at the scene! Have some respect for the dead....