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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Met pilot Ian's wife face to face.

"Ian's wife and I met on Wed's evening at hotel cafe in the city. Her name was "Betty" and I was surprised to find her looking youthful despite of her age (about 40). At first,I was damn uncomfortable. Meeting your lover's wife is not funny. The feeling sucks but I had to go through it. Ian did not have any knowledge of his wife meeting me and talked things over. He would be mad at me if he finds out.

One thing that shocked me was Ian had herpes. When Betty broke the bad news, my jaws almost dropped. "Girl you better go for a medical check up" said Betty to me. "Ian passed that dreaded disease to me years ago" Betty told me with a sigh of regret. I did not know what else to do but broke down and cried in front of Betty. I was disappointed with Ian. What else has he got that he didn't tell me? AIDS"

BT: Above was a story from a stewardess who had a pilot lover. Betty was the pilot's wife who found out about their affair and requested the meeting with the stewardess.


Anonymous said...

Always remain faithful!


Anonymous said...

Circulate his name to all the other girls.

Anonymous said...

Well, he shows his eternal love by giving you something that lasts forever. Just pray you don't have HIV.