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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missed flying ? no lah I miss the free booze.

Quite a few were sacked or asked to leave the airline because of their drinking. Most were senior male crew who on the average had spent 20 years flying.
Before joining the airline most were non alcoholic drinkers but somehow after a while they became compulsive drinkers. What were the probable causes? Some say it was because of the easy access to free alcohol on the planes while others blamed it on the lonely stops at oversea stations.
Most became alcoholic before the age of 55 and could not lived without alcohol.
Their favorite drinks were Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky, Brandy VSOP, Beer, etc.
The above are hard liquors and too much consumption of them would ultimately cause liver cirrhosis or  liver cancer. Quite a few technical as well as cabin crew had been victim of this deadly sickness.
Liquor of many types are found on the airplane bars.
You would have whisky,brandy,gin,vodka,bourbon,beer,champagne, wines etc etc on the bar list. They are all served free of charge. The airline does not query the crew if the consumption is high or otherwise. Most of the drinking crew would write off the number of bottles they brought into their overseas stations as items consumed by passengers eg. the crew would take  2 bottles of Scotch whisky and wrote down as 2 bottles consumed by their passengers.
For a bottle of Black Label whisky one would have to pay an average price of S$100 at a retail outlet. For an average alcoholic, the consumption of a bottle a day is normal. Three days of night stop means 3 bottles consumed.
And what about those discreetly drinking on board the plane whilst on duty? Not discreetly really because you can't hide the alcoholic breath.
One senior crew fainted on a flight to Germany. A doctor was summoned and the diagnosis was " alcoholic withdrawal symptom". Reason?  It was because his superior was on the same flight doing an appraisal on him and had to refrain from drinking.
Another crew collapsed in the classroom while attending a computer course due to lack of alcohol in his blood. Many couldn't wake up in time for their flights because they had too much drink before their flights.
Most of the crew who had left the airlines bemoaned the great loss of free alcohol.
Fortunately, I didn't take a liking to alcohol otherwise I too may be like them.


Nonalcoholic said...

BT, you are one of those blessed with dislike for alcohol or intolerance to alcohol.
The alcohol was so close to you and yet you did not even bother with it. Cheers to you!

boh tong said...

Nonalcoholic it's more to do with intolerance than dislike.....but I am addicted to Coke leh...hehehe

Cola said...

That means you addicted to caffeine? Well at least you can still remain lucid!

Others donch know.. but said...

Sometimes its becos of the GALL BLADDER issue....nothing to do with being blessed.. more like "no choice"

Having 'clean' and oil free food too.
is a matter of "no choice"..

Not bcos it was some default setting.

Cola said...

Huh? You mean got gall bladder problem, drink coke can help?!

Boh Tong said...

Whenever i have a headache drinking COKE helps. Really suum pah lah.