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Sunday, April 17, 2011

No bias against Taiwan crew, says SIA

SINGAPORE Airlines does not discriminate against its Taiwanese employees, a spokesman said in response to a recent complaint made by a former SIA flight attendant from Taiwan.
The woman, surnamed Liu, said in a recent interview with Taiwan news channel CTI that SIA had falsely advertised the basic salary for cabin crew. She also claimed that Taiwanese flight attendants were left out of training opportunities and long-haul routes, and were not given certain benefits and allowances.

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The advertisement can be found on SIA's website. It states: "Upon graduation (from training), you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about $3,500 a month."
The SIA spokesman told AsiaOne: "Our ads state very clearly that the salary figure cited is for basic salary and various allowances.
"The majority of our cabin crew are trained to operate on multiple fleet types, which cover most of our destinations, as long as they meet English-proficiency requirements."
The spokesman added that SIA employs a small number of crew members from Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. They primarily operate on routes serving those specific markets, and fill a need for flight crew who are familiar with local cultural and language requirements.
"This is made known to them during recruitment."


Anonymous said...

Taiwanese stewardesses invited the most complaints as compared to other foreign crew from passengers pertaining to work attitude, rudeness,unprofessionalism etc

Anonymous said...

quite a number of china crew recently resigned in numbers.

Anonymous said...

if only they were paid as much as the Japanese stewardesses.