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Saturday, April 23, 2011

No gratuity? U mad or what?

Ann had worked sufficient number of years to qualify for a lump sum gratuity payment when she finally quit the airline. But then she was penalised and told she would not be receiving her gratuity because she had taken too many medical leave during her tenure as a stewardess. Most of the mcs were from IMH (Institute of Mental Health) which showed Ann was mentally unstable.
As a last resort, Ann approached her MP for help. Her MP knew Jack the cabin crew union leader very well and called him to assist Ann.
Jack spoke to Ann and found out that even before she had joined the airline she had on some occasions consulted the IMH psychiatrists regarding her condition. Based on this, Jack argued that the airline was unfair not to pay Ann since they knew that Ann had consulted the psychiatrists in IMH before becoming a stewardess. The airline denied knowing Ann had consulted the psychiatrist before.
Finally,the Jack managed to persuade the airline to pay Ann.

BT: This story was related to me by a former unionist.
Note:  SINGAPORE Airlines used to pay cabin crew a gratuity of $15,000 upon completion of five years of service.
This has now been cut to $10,000, but a bigger gratuity awaits those who stay on: Junior crew who stay 10 years, for example, will now collect $35,000 - $5,000 more than before.

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