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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What they got by bullying the cabin crew.

A cattle class passenger got up from his sleep and found other paxs were served meals but not him. He was very annoyed and shouted at the chief steward for not serving him. The c/s apologised and explained that "it would not be a problem" because the crew would served him straightaway. The pax rudely pointed his index finger at the c/s and told him "it will be your problem as I am going to complain to your CEO about your f**king service attitude". The c/s replied " Sir, since you are so rude and going to complain against me, I am not serving you any meal for the remaining 11 hours of the flight to London."

Passenger Sam was not only rude to the crew but put his hand under the skirt of a female pax when she was fast asleep next to his seat. The lady screamed and the cabin crew came to her rescue only to find a drunkard Sam verbally abusing them.
The senior steward relocated Sam to another seat away from the ladies. Sam insisted he had another alcoholic drink. The steward obliged and served him the drink with 2 strong dosage of sleeping pills dissolved in it.
Not only did Sam sleep very well after the drink but did not disembarked at his destination on the way to Europe.

A flight engineer verbally abused a stewardess on the flight only to eat his steak which was rolled on the galley floor.

Another flight crew pulled rank on the steward only to have his tea not only with milk but the steward's sputum in it.

A half pissed Mr. Clark threatened a steward for not serving him alcohol only to be arrested by security when the plane landed. He told the steward he would get him killed (this happened 30 yrs ago). The said steward is still alive and kicking at age 65 now.

A passenger dumped his rather large kite on a first class seat when he was a cattle class passenger. The crew told him that he was not allowed to leave his kite in the f/c seat. There was a vacant seat next to him at the back and he could leave his kite there. He insisted the kite travel f/c. At the end of the flight he left the aircraft fuming mad as there was a hole in his kite!

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Anonymous said...

continue this story leh, í wait very long liao


Ole! Uncle BT back-in-business with more stories hehehe!