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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why such comment huh?

"you forgot to mention one other requirement: being nasty to the engineering staff. oh yes, many of us have had just about enough of you CCs "real mature" acts. of course, to be fair, there are those who are nice. but i've personally come across enough of snobbish CCs to come to the conclusion that if you're a CC long enough, you WILL be a jackass.
all talk about stress, unruly paxes, diseases and what-have-you...but you didn't mention the LV luggages you strut around with, or the vw gt that drive to and from Changi Airport, or that rolex you have on your wrist. or the fact that you treat engineering personnel like we're supposed to be at your beck and call. get off your high-horses you myopic, arrogant morons. and because of your union arm, we're stuck with Loga as GS of SIASU. well done you bunch of waiters".

BT: Above was a comment left for CC (cabin crew). Obviously the writer must be an engineering staff from SQ. Aiya friend how can you call us a "bunch of waiters", "jackass", " arrogant moron" etc? 
No big deal about Rolexes or VW, LV bags etc..


Unknown said...

yar..some true points..but why no comments abt tech crew? All their bars, cars and hungry stomaches? Life's such

Anonymous said...

This engineering idiot is behaving like a kid, so don't behave like him. Why drag the tech crew into this?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a retired crew.In my years of flying,I have made friends with many engineering staff.Some are friendlier than others and that goes for the cabin crew too.You find them in all walks of life.So don't let a few bad apples upset you.Live is too short for that Lawrence

Love one, love all said...

Looks like FUSION did not meet its objective.. or did we miss someone here?

Relaunch FUSION ver 5.5!! and this time... hold it in BKK!! over 5days!